Part 3

My son drove me home from the Deland Clinic. He told me that he watched the entire procedure and heard Jon the Tech tell the female Tech “Who the hell told her she has cancer” Okay now that was a spring of hope for my weary soul! But I shouldn’t allow too much hope because I didn’t want the horrible experience of being let down again and turning this all into another part 2 head spin. We chatted all the way home and then the waiting game once again for any results.

You can bet your bottom dollar I spoke to all my FB friends and family about what was going on. I felt at this point I needed all the help from all the prayers they were able to give to lift up to THE GREAT I AM!. I needed those prayers to become sweet conversation to YHWH. I need a healing. I am not ready to die.

My life now has taken on a mad rush to change what I may have caused. Let me tell you how bad it is when it comes to eating. It’s bad! Everything in my diet has to have some kind of sweet in it. I can not allow myself anything that is salty, sour or bitter to pass my lips. I am a SUGAR addict. I am also obese and have been most of my adult life. My last child was born when I was 40. That’s when the obesity kicked in. However at one point in my life I did manage to get down to 145. It’s been a down hill battle ever since. I tipped the scale at 199. That was the heaviest I have ever been. My dear husband has always been such a wonderful man to me always encouraging me to lose weight. I got down to 180. This is where I sit now. I stopped eating ice cream one of my biggest down falls. Cadbury eggs another. Keep those things hidden from me because I am so weak passing by them when I shop. It’s hard to count the many times I ate in secret. The knowledge of sugar feeding cancer was there but hey, cancer didn’t run in my family, diabetes did. I was told I was borderline diabetic. That bother me so I gave up the ice cream and the Cadbury eggs grudgingly. That’s when the weight fell from 199 to 180. I allowed myself other sweets but on occasion.

I was set to have an appointment for Feb. 20 at the Dr. Office. at 9:15 am. My husband took me. I was pretty nervous to have this procedure done. A tube with a scope was to be inserted into the urethra of my body! Just the thought was pretty creepy. So we arrive and an older nurse with short blond hair took me into a room and took my vitals and some information. She asked my husband to step out side of the room while this procedure was done. I took off my pants and underwear and wrapped myself with this paper cloth that would not go all the way around me it’s call  E M B A R R A S S M E N T  Trying to cover the butt area as I sat on the table for further instructions. So, the nurse walks back in tell me to lay day and put my feet into the stirrups. I did. She proceeded to do something to me when I said out loud “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” My husband even heard that while he waited outside the room. That’s when she decided to tell me she was going to clean the area and numb the urethra but it felt as though she were doing something in the other part if you know what I mean. All this time during the first meeting of this nurse taking the vitals and supposedly numbing me she never once smiled. So here I lay with my legs apart on the stirrups, in walks the Dr with whom I have never met before in my life. No consultations no nothing. He sits between my legs and pushes my legs further apart and I am shaking so hard. He tells me to relax, I still shake. He repeats this and I repeat my shaking. He then tells me very coldly I can not continue, you will have to be admitted to one of our clinics to be put to sleep to have this procedure done. He stands up walks out of the room and the nurse tells me to get dressed. Oh I was so pissy then. Excuse the pun. But this is not something I have ever done and in fact I remember calling the nurse on the phone asking may questions about the procedure and telling her I was very nervous and wanted to have it done with my put to sleep in the first place and she rambled on about the dangers of doing it that way. She said the danger lies trying to wake a patient up from anesthesia. I have been there many times and never had a problem but she said they don’t do it. So now this Dr tells me that is how it will have to be done. HELLO? Had they listened to me in the first place I would have had it done by now. I picked up my crayons and coloring book and went home feeling like a loser!

I waited a few days to hear back from them to see if they scheduled me and they said I was to go to their out patient clinic March 5th at 9:30 to have the scope done. The lack of communication with this facility was severely lacking. As it turned out the clinic calls me to tell me it was cancelled because they did not take my insurance! Ohhhh I was pissy again. Why didn’t they figure all of this out before they made an appointment!? I called the Dr. office the following day asking this… “Is it standard procedure to ask if the surgery center accepts patients insurance before sitting up a date? This lady had so many excuses I was disgusted.

I was later told they would find another clinic that would accept my insurance and so I waited two more days. How long does it take to do this??? I am sitting here confused and scared and NOTHING is being done. I am the one who has been making all these calls to find out they should have called me with all these appointments but they didn’t. So now they tell me that found a clinic in my area of the woods and were waiting to find out if they accepted my insurance. Hello? Get on the phone, call them, it’s only a phone call away! They told me the name of the surgery center. I picked up the phone and called them and was told they indeed took my insurance! So what the heck were we waiting on!!!?? I then called the Dr. office and told them that they did take my insurance and told them I found out within a few seconds! Now they had another excuse. She told me that they could not schedule just me a lone to go there because it would be too much for the Dr. going back and forth. They had to wait to fill up his day at the clinic with other patients. Who knows how long this was going to take. You know what I am just a number, get in line patient. I told them how disgusted I was in this clinic. Told them they were FIRED! and went there the following day, signed a release form to have my records sent to another Urologist, I then asked for a copy of all my records and went home. DONE FINISHED ADIOUS OUT OF THERE! What does it take to get a decent Dr. with staff they smiles and let you know how they understand and ones that you feel your not having to do their job!?

With all of this said and done, I am seeing a Neurologist tomorrow for the complicating from the IV on my left wrist. Lets hope this goes well, and heals fast because it was done Feb. 14 and today is March 10th and I am still having pain and weird sensations in the thumb…When it rains it pours!



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