Wow Really? Part 4

The good news here is that the test done on my hand wasn’t all that bad. A few jolts of electricity on both hands for comparison. I was elated that it didn’t last long and the woman who did it was so amazing. Great bedside manners make such a BIG difference. A week later I went back for the results and was told there was no damage! So that is good news and I will go back in another month to let them know how things are progressing. As of this writing, I am still feeling a tugging sensation in the fatty part of the thumb as though someone were pulling something inside with a hook. It is March 22 2014 and my hope is that it will soon fade away. I will be writing a certified letter after the next appointment and handing the Urologist the bill. If they refuse to pay for this as they’re  the ones who caused it, then I will proceed to get an attorney and they will have to pay for that as well and for pain and suffering! It’s only fair.

Remember when I mentioned that I fired the Doc and staff and had my records faxed over to a new Urologist? roflmao they did it again!! I had called the New place to let them know that it was faxed over and they said the Dr. will look into it and decide if he would take on my case. They said the Doc will get back with me at the end of the week. I received no call. So on Monday I called back and was informed that the Doc was on his week long vacation. Wow really??? Here I am with Urologist number two and by this time I am feeling like the world is out to get me! I am fast losing hope in the medical field and wondering where the hell did theses Doctors get their license to practice. So I called back the following week and was told that he got back but hadn’t had the time to look over all the records but he would do that by the days end and I would get a call back. NOTHING!! No call Nada once again! I  thought I was losing my grip on reality!  So I called again and the Nurse asked for me name and was gone for almost two minutes when she came back to the phone and informed me they searched for my records, and that they were never faxed over at all!!! Holy mackerel are you freaking kidding me? The Staff member said that they close at noon today and needed to get it faxed over ASAP. She told me she would call me as soon as the fax came in. So I hung up and called the first quack Office and asked them if the faxed them over and they said no. I was getting a really pissy and about to go ballistic and asked her why? She said because they handed me a copy of my records they thought I was going to hand delivered it to the new place. I was seeing red at this time and said “Why did I fill out a form that releases my record to this new Doc.? Why did it ask for the FAX NUMBER (voice raising) Why did this form ask for all this other information releasing it to a certain Doctor. This was all done before I requested a copy for myself! Talk about incompetence!  I told them that I needed the records FAXED ASAP as of yesterday and she told me they would fax them this afternoon. I said they need them right now so that they Doctor could view them and get me in. They said ok and faxed them over because I got my call that I was longing to hear! My new patient in take will be on March 27th 2014!  TO BE CONTINUED…


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